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PPR Shower Mixer

Besta is PPR Shower Mixer manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale PPR Shower Mixer. We can provide professional service and better price for you. If you interested in PPR Shower Mixer products, please contact with us.

About PPR Shower Mixer

1. Why we develope PPR shower mixer instead of brass shower mixer?
The shower mixer on the market is mainly made of copper, but the copper connection is threaded connection, which has certain potential safety hazards. There is a risk of water leakage after being concealed in the wall for a long time. To avoid this risk, we have developed PPR shower mixing valve, which solves the risk of water leakage through welding connection.

2. What we have at present ?
So far, we have developed PPR three way shower mixer, PPR four way shower mixer, PPR five way shower mixer and PPR six way shower mixer, they have successfully applied for patents. Now we are developing wall mounted PPR basin mixer, soon will be ready, and the product will come into the market soon.

3. How about the market?
In order to save space in the shower room, the concealed shower installation has become very popular. Because the copper shower mixing valve will have the risk of water leakage after being used for a long time, the PPR mixing valve has become the first alternative, so the market is very large. At present, our ppr shower mixing valves are mainly for export, customers are very interested in these products and have been recognized by the market through trial orders. The products have been sold to South America, the Middle East and Africa.

4. Can OEM service be provided?
Yes, we can provide OEM services. The logo of the customer can be printed on the main body of the PPR, on the product handle, on the inner packaging box and on the outer carton. The handle can be galvanized with zinc alloy or ABS. The 304 stainless steel cover can be round or square with or without chrome plating. The 304 cover can also be replaced with ABS material with plating. The ceramic cartridge can be made in China or imported, such as Kerox, Sedal brand.

5. How about the quality?
We use imported raw materials to produce the mixer valve body. The ceramic cartridge can use the brand designated by the customer to ensure the ceramic cartridge quality. Other accessories are produced in strict accordance with the requirements. All products are pressure tested before packaging to ensure 100% compliance with quality requirements, we can guarantee the quality.

6. Installation diagram

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PPR Three Ways Shower Mixer

PPR Three Ways Shower Mixer

As the professional manufacturers, Besta would like to provide you PPR Three Ways Shower Mixer. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Now, the products have been sold to South America, the Middle East and Africa.

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PPR Four Ways Shower Mixer

PPR Four Ways Shower Mixer

High quality PPR Four Ways Shower Mixer is offered by China manufacturers Besta. If you want to buy PPR product from China, we hope our product will be your best choice.

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PPR Five Ways Shower Mixer

PPR Five Ways Shower Mixer

Besta is a professional leader China PPR Five Ways Shower Mixer manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us.

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Ouding Building is one of the PPR Shower Mixer manufacturers and suppliers in China. Wholesale free sample and high quality PPR Shower Mixer with low price or cheap price from our factory. Our products can be customized.
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