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About Us

Our History
Ningbo Ouding Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 in Yuyao city near Ningbo sea port, and its name was Yuyao Demeng Plastic Mold Factory. At that time mainly focus on mold making, in 2012 we bought injection machines and PPR extruder machine to start produce ppr pipe fittings and ppr pipes. Till now we have more than 10 years experience for making plastic injection mold and produce PPR pipe products,  90% of our molds and products are for export.

Our Mould Factory
Yuyao Demeng Plastic Mold Factory locates in Yuyao, a mold city and also a plastic raw material center in China. Here is a complete mold industry chain, all mold accessories can be purchased here easily, and many mold factory here, our mold factory founded in 2010, at the beginning we mostly made pipe fittings mold, like PPR fitting mold, PP compression fitting mold, PVC fitting mold, PVC ball valve mold, PPH fitting mold, Irrigation fitting mold, and now we are also making many different product molds for export, like electric tool mold, stationery mold, commodity mold, auto mold etc. We all use standard mold base, and customer specified mold steel for cavity and core, all mold with good cooling system and produce automatic, standard export wooden case packing. we have CNC, Lathe, EDM, Wire cutting,Precision grinder etc machines.

Our  PPR  Pipe Factory
As a professional PPR piping factory, we have more than 10 years experience for producing PPR pipe and fittings, we have a full range of conventional and unconventional pipe fittings, size from DN20 to DN110, all product according to ISO15874 and  GB/T 18742 standard, we also have some new and patented products, such as full range of high flow PPR fittings and PPR mixer , three way, four way and five way, we have patent right. We have our own design team and can provide OEM and ODM processing services. We produce ppr with our Besta brand, and also with authorization, we can produce the customer's brand with customer's packing. We can design and make new mold according to customer's request and produce for them. Our own products include PPR pipe series, PPR pipe fittings series, PPR large flow fittings series, PPR valve series, patented PPR water mixer series, injection mould, etc.

Our R & D
As a mold and plastic injection factory in China, we have our research and develop department, on the one hand, carry out product design and mold design; on the other hand, carry out new product development, for our mould customer we offer 2D and 3D product and mold drawing,we focus on the improvement of product quality, the research and development of new products, and more on mold design and automation for better injection molding production. For our mold customers, we not only provide mold manufacturing services, but also provide after-sales services. We will teach our customers how to produce and how to solve problems encountered in production, because we have more than ten years of injection experience.If the customer provides some samples, or drawings, or a product design concept, we can also provide customers with related services, product design or mold manufacturing or production services.

Our Market and Customer
Our products are mainly exported to South America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and other regions. The main countries are Morocco, Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. Our customers of PPR products are mainly agents, wholesalers, traders and some foreign PPR factories. The main customers of injection molds are some foreign factories and traders. Mold customers are oriented to the injection molding industry of various plastic products, such as pipe fittings, valves, plastic floor drain, electric appliances, stationery, cars, fishing gear, electric tools, etc. We focus on exhibitions, such as Canton Fair, Rubber and Plastic Exhibition, BIG 5, etc., and also carry out network promotion, such as Alibaba, Made-in-China.

Our patented products
The shower mixer valve on the market is mainly made of copper, but the copper connection is threaded connection, which has certain potential safety hazards. There is a risk of water leakage after being concealed in the wall for a long time. To avoid this risk, we have developed PPR shower mixing valve, which solves the risk of water leakage through welding connection. So far, we have developed PPR three-way mixing valve, PPR four-way mixing valve, PPR five way mixing valve, and PPR six way mixing valve, They have successfully applied for patents. At present, these products are mainly for export. Customers are very interested in these products and have been recognized by the market through trial orders. Now, the products have been sold to South America, the Middle East and Africa.

Our Quality Control
Our products are aimed at middle and high-end customers, so our product quality requirements are very strict, and there are strict processes and standards for raw materials, production process, production process, product inspection, packaging, warehousing, etc. Our PPR ball valves, stop valves, and PPR water mixer are 100% inspected before packaging to ensure that each product is qualified. Our company has passed  quality certification system.

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