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Production technical requirements for PPR molds.


PPR mold is a mold often used in the production of plastic pipes. Because of its convenient processing, it is widely popular in ppr production enterprises everywhere. In terms of production and use requirements, PPR molds have relatively strict production requirements.

1: High precision
The precision value of the PPR mold is related to its production accuracy in the later use of the product. Therefore, the production of the PPR mold is completed on various high-precision equipment. The production error of the PPR mold is within a few microns, and the accuracy is as A basic requirement for PPR molds.

2: High strength
PPR molds often need to be used continuously during the use process. Before processing the PPR mold, the relevant production materials need to be thermally processed to ensure that the material itself has a certain hardness and strength. There is no way to be guaranteed.

3: Antioxidant
The use of PPR molds does not have specific environmental requirements. When used in various environments, ppr molds are required to have a certain anti-oxidation ability. After electrical treatment, anti-oxidation treatment is required, which can increase the use time.

4: Easy to disassemble

In the use of PPR mold, when various residual substances appear, it needs to be cleaned. The mold needs to have the characteristics of stable processing performance and easy disassembly and assembly. Otherwise, users will face some difficulties in cleaning the mold when using it. , which is a problem that needs to be considered in product design and production.

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